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Adventure Is Out There BUT…

Although it speaks to the indoorsy types, this design was actually inspired by my running season being over. During the Spring and Summer, I would happily run 25-35 miles a week outdoors. But up until about 2 weeks ago, the pleasantly mild weather changed to dreary and f’ing cold. And I hate it.

I like being outdoors, but the prospect of being cold is enough for me to just say “Ahhh fuck it….”

I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life, so this weather is no big shock. I know I should just bundle up and get used to it.  But that means I have to go shopping for proper attire not only for me, but also for my toddler that will inevitably be outside with me.

I don’t really like to go clothes shopping so….that seems really hard.

I think we’ll stay in instead.

We’ll just cuddle and be cozy.

This design is available in a handful of rustic, outdoorsy-inspired color palettes, so you can jump on that rustic, outdoorsy trend, but still stay genuine to your true indoorsy nature. From mugs to magnets, there’s something to playfully express your desire to just stay in

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Coffee Keeps Me Going Until It’s Time For Bed At Grandma O’Clock

I love a good adult beverage. But I’ve never actually been one for parties and clubbing and going to bars.

Too much noise, too crowded. I like a place where you can actually have a conversation with the people you’ve gone out with.

Yes, I realize, at the tender age of 31, I sound like an old person.

And something also happens when you become a parent. Uninterrupted sleep becomes something of a luxury. Even as a newborn, my son was not much of a sleeper. If he was not being held, or if he was not attached to my boob, chances are he was crying.

Things are much, much better now. Aside from his typical disinterest in napping, he sleeps through the night like a champ. But from this experience, I have learned to not take my sleep for granted. Getting a good nights rest is awesome. FOR EVERYONE. 

So do I miss the carefree weekends of my childless twenties, where I might go out to a local dive bar with a couple of friends? Yeah, sometimes I do.

BUT tucking myself in at 9:30pm in anticipation for a solid 8-hour rest reaps more benefits for me at this point in my life.

You feelin’ me?

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