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Hustlin’ | For The Goal Getters

I’m starting a new series in preparation for the New Year.

Like the snowman design, it’s inspired by the scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood.

This one’s for all the goal-getters out there.

If it had a smell it would smell like…cotton candy. 

With 2018 about a month away, you might be thinking about the shit you wanna change with your life.

Maybe you want to finally quit your soul-sucking job. Maybe you want to join a gym and tone up. Maybe you’ll just get a planner and plan stuff, hoping it’ll motivate you to do it.

Maybe you’re not thinking about any of that stuff because it’s barely December.

Well…I get it.

But I hope you conquer whatever goals you have with a sense of humor, and maybe a touch of nostalgia.

You might want to keep these handy products in mind when you need a little fun motivation that’s not too fluffy and cliche.

Take a peek and bookmark this collection for later! There’s even more than what’s shown here! 

And stay tuned! I’ll be rolling out more funny & cute designs for the goal-getters out there! 


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Introvert Life | Let’s Talk About Small Talk

It’s been said that small talk is “conversation for the sake of conversation”.

Light and casual conversation 

A polite way to connect with a stranger 

However you want to describe it, I am not a fan.

I liken small talk to a plain rice cake. Bland, uninteresting, and not necessarily good for you anyways.

You are left feeling even more deprived than before, slightly irritated, and maybe a bit….dumb.

After 10+ years of working in retail, I’ve had enough small talk to fill the rest of my lifetime. See, retail culture expects you to have light, pointless exchanges with customers so you can appear more caring, attentive and welcoming. Ughhhhh….

You might be an introvert if: You work in retail and you’re always thinking “why can’t people just buy their shit and gooooooooo?”


I wish I could’ve worn a button saying “Unless there’s something major coming this way, we really don’t need to talk about the weather.” 

And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking, “Gawwwd, I must sound so bitchy and anti-social. I must seem soooooo closed off. This is why quiet people get wrongly stereotyped as being mean or sad or stuck-up.”

But maybe what I wish people would understand about introverts like me is that we only have so much social energy.

Expending it on aimless chit chat is actually exhausting. I personally would rather spend it on talking about things that are –oh gosh– dare I say… a little more meaningful to each person in the conversation.

So in conclusion, I am super stoked that I don’t work in retail anymore. Also, love your quiet people for who they are, and be cool with them needing to have some space to recharge so they can have amazing conversations with you.