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Introvert Life | Quiet Time is the Best Time

Nearly every morning, I get up ridiculously early.

As a work-from-home mama to a toddler, having a few peaceful hours where I can just sip my coffee and work uninterrupted is…pretty awesome.

It’s still dark outside, BUT, it’s probably my one of my favorite times of the day.

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Introvert Life | Differently Social

I just finished “Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking”, and I loved it.

It kinda felt like the story of my life.

So if you’re an introvert, or if you have an introvert in your life you’d like to understand or appreciate better, I highly suggest a read (or listen…it’s on audible).

Anyways, I really dug how the author referred to introverts as “differently social”.

I think it’s a fair way to describe our need for less social interaction without making us seem disconnected and unfriendly.

There are quotes floating out there that proclaim that introverts are “selectively social”.  And that’s fine too. I can agree with that sentiment.

But sometimes it seems a little too…haughty.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring small amounts of social engagement, just as there’s nothing wrong with wanting lots of social engagement.

Neither is better, they’re just different.

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Introvert Life | I’m Very Friendly

Today’s quote is inspired by…nature walks!

And being quiet on nature walks.

I really like the combination. You just get to be very observant.

I’m like an expert animal spotter because I’ve got a lot of experience just walking around and not talking.

I’m like,

What’s that rustle in the grass? Oh! It’s a snake! Whaddup snake?! 

What’s that movement beyond the trees! It’s a deer! Hi deer! 

And of course I’m a dork and I have to say hello to these wild animals. As if they care.

Maybe I say hello because I know they don’t care. Which means, they are not judging you. And also because I think they are really cool.

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Introvert Life | I’m Actually Very Funny

Inspired by… the double lives that many introverts feel they live.

At work or school they are quiet, loathe group projects, don’t seem to care much for social interaction, and might even seem a little…strange.

But when they are around a group of trusted people, sending something out to their online tribe, or simply just writing, they are gregarious, clever and witty.

Maybe it’s super-bold to say I am clever and witty, but I am in this camp.

I think a lot of people misunderstand this.

We’ve been told: “You just lack confidence“, or we are encouraged to interject often with “something interesting to say“.

Enter feelings of inadequacy. Oh! And here comes her friend, saying something weird because you were still observing and processing the situation, but felt pressured to engage before you were ready.

She’s a B. 

So my dear fellow weirdoes, fear not. There are people out there that get you. We’ve been there before, and we’ll probably go there again.

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Introvert Life | That’s Just Not For Me

File this one under You Might Be An Introvert If….

I crack myself up.

I think I’ve tried to convince myself for many years that I am a “people person”.

You know, like when you’re in high school and you take career survey after career survey to figure out what you should do with your life so you don’t end up being a loser.  There’s always those questions that are like “Do you enjoy helping people?” And at the time, I’m sure I was like, well of course I do.

But you couldn’t really say how you liked helping people or put it in terms of a spectrum.

I mean, I like people. But in smallish amounts.

I’m not Mother Teresa.

So I would get confused when I’d get my results back and it would say things like I should be a teacher or a hair stylist.

Apparently, I should want to do these things because they are altruistic or creative careers.

But I was like, no and no.

Bless all the people that like helping people one-on-one every freaking day.

Right now, I’m going to help people by making humorous designs for them. From a distance.

I’ll love you all in my own special way.

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Introvert Life | Let’s Talk About Small Talk

It’s been said that small talk is “conversation for the sake of conversation”.

Light and casual conversation 

A polite way to connect with a stranger 

However you want to describe it, I am not a fan.

I liken small talk to a plain rice cake. Bland, uninteresting, and not necessarily good for you anyways.

You are left feeling even more deprived than before, slightly irritated, and maybe a bit….dumb.

After 10+ years of working in retail, I’ve had enough small talk to fill the rest of my lifetime. See, retail culture expects you to have light, pointless exchanges with customers so you can appear more caring, attentive and welcoming. Ughhhhh….

You might be an introvert if: You work in retail and you’re always thinking “why can’t people just buy their shit and gooooooooo?”


I wish I could’ve worn a button saying “Unless there’s something major coming this way, we really don’t need to talk about the weather.” 

And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking, “Gawwwd, I must sound so bitchy and anti-social. I must seem soooooo closed off. This is why quiet people get wrongly stereotyped as being mean or sad or stuck-up.”

But maybe what I wish people would understand about introverts like me is that we only have so much social energy.

Expending it on aimless chit chat is actually exhausting. I personally would rather spend it on talking about things that are –oh gosh– dare I say… a little more meaningful to each person in the conversation.

So in conclusion, I am super stoked that I don’t work in retail anymore. Also, love your quiet people for who they are, and be cool with them needing to have some space to recharge so they can have amazing conversations with you.