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Introvert Life | Something To Remember

Here’s a little pick-me-up for us introverts that get overcrowded and misunderstood in an extroverted world. You don’t have to change your personality in order to be awesome.

As a kid, I probably would have never responded anything like this. I was always being told I was “shy” and “too quiet”. And that made me feel insecure.

But as an adult, I’m just not willing to give a f*ck anymore about what people say about me (it helps A LOT if you are a stay-at-home mom who mostly interacts with a toddler).

But honestly, I think it’s healthier this way. As a person that spends a lot of time listening and thinking, I don’t want to dwell on other people’s potentially hurtful perceptions of me. Plain and simple, I’d rather just use that mental energy on something else.

So next time someone proclaims there’s something not right with how “quiet” you are, shrug it off and tell them you just don’t need any of that noise.

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Introvert Life | Comfortable Silences FOR THE WIN!

Once upon a time, when I worked in retail, I worked with a woman who was the foil extrovert to my introvertedness.

On a weekly basis she commented about how quiet I was.

I honestly tried to avoid her as much as I could. But sometimes there are just some circumstances that you can’t prevent.

Like lunch breaks.

It usually wasn’t a problem being in the break room with someone else on their lunch break. Most times, we’d sit quietly eating our food and plunk around on our phones. Typical millenial stuff.

But when my extrovert rival entered the break room, the possibility for a much needed quiet break to recharge…was over.

She would not STOP TALKING AT ME. Since this was a conversation that we were not sharing  in, I even stopped responding with polite “yep”s and “uh huh”s.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my half-eaten lunch and made an excuse about leaving something in my car.

It was also the middle of winter. So I finished the remaining 12 minutes of my lunch break in my cold car.

Because, ’tis better to have some quiet than none at all.

So cheers to all my former work buds that got it. Just because 2 or more people are together in a room, that doesn’t mean we need to engage in conversation during our fleeting time away from the masses.

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Introvert Life | Let’s Talk About Small Talk

It’s been said that small talk is “conversation for the sake of conversation”.

Light and casual conversation 

A polite way to connect with a stranger 

However you want to describe it, I am not a fan.

I liken small talk to a plain rice cake. Bland, uninteresting, and not necessarily good for you anyways.

You are left feeling even more deprived than before, slightly irritated, and maybe a bit….dumb.

After 10+ years of working in retail, I’ve had enough small talk to fill the rest of my lifetime. See, retail culture expects you to have light, pointless exchanges with customers so you can appear more caring, attentive and welcoming. Ughhhhh….

You might be an introvert if: You work in retail and you’re always thinking “why can’t people just buy their shit and gooooooooo?”


I wish I could’ve worn a button saying “Unless there’s something major coming this way, we really don’t need to talk about the weather.” 

And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking, “Gawwwd, I must sound so bitchy and anti-social. I must seem soooooo closed off. This is why quiet people get wrongly stereotyped as being mean or sad or stuck-up.”

But maybe what I wish people would understand about introverts like me is that we only have so much social energy.

Expending it on aimless chit chat is actually exhausting. I personally would rather spend it on talking about things that are –oh gosh– dare I say… a little more meaningful to each person in the conversation.

So in conclusion, I am super stoked that I don’t work in retail anymore. Also, love your quiet people for who they are, and be cool with them needing to have some space to recharge so they can have amazing conversations with you.

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Friday Funnies | Realistically Speaking …

As a consummate introvert, I am prone to being in my head quite a bit.

When I have a goal, I’m not like “okay, I’m gonna do this!”

It’s more like… “okay – I have to figure out how to do this, step-by-step, study up on how other people get it done, get everything organized, so I can start getting to my goal.”

And then I get overwhelmed and it’s not an exciting or enjoyable goal anymore.

I’ve gotten better at not doing this, but thusly — here is a common story of my life:

So carpe that fucking diem! When you’re ready…of course.

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