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Introvert Life | I Hustle Differently…

There’s a hell of a lot of quotes about hustle out there. 

They’ve never quite jived with me.

So many of them seem in-your-face and overly aggressive.

If “hustle”, at it’s basic level, just means working hard to get what you want out of your life, then certainly you’ve gotta have focus.

I personally focus best when it’s quiet.

I’m very observant. I’m not one to take action quickly.

I take in information and then I make calculated decisions.

Like a jungle cat.

You feel the same way? Share if you can relate! 

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Introvert Life | It’s Been A Long Day

After the wrapping paper and boxes are cleaned up, after the last serving of pumpkin pie, after the hugs good bye to family and friends alike, I hope that you are left feeling joyfully satisfied.

For me, however, I get a bit of an “introvert hangover”. I love the holidays,  but after awhile, I’m kind of feeling like…okay, I need a break. I’ve had a bit too much of social interaction, and now I’m tired, getting a headache and consequently getting crabby and even quieter than I usually am. So this quote pretty much explains how I feel:

What about you? Do you get “introvert hangovers”?

Share if you can relate! 

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Get High On Achievement

Part deux of the collection inspired by the scratch and sniff stickers of my childhood. 

Like those cheesy after-school specials, let the retro charm of this design motivate you to “just say NO!” to stuff that prevents you from going for your aspirations.

Shop this collection in my Zazzle shop and kick 2018 in the butt!

And keep watching for more quasi-motivational designs from me!


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Introvert Life | Quiet Time is the Best Time

Nearly every morning, I get up ridiculously early.

As a work-from-home mama to a toddler, having a few peaceful hours where I can just sip my coffee and work uninterrupted is…pretty awesome.

It’s still dark outside, BUT, it’s probably my one of my favorite times of the day.

Share if you can relate!  

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Hustlin’ | For The Goal Getters

I’m starting a new series in preparation for the New Year.

Like the snowman design, it’s inspired by the scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood.

This one’s for all the goal-getters out there.

If it had a smell it would smell like…cotton candy. 

With 2018 about a month away, you might be thinking about the shit you wanna change with your life.

Maybe you want to finally quit your soul-sucking job. Maybe you want to join a gym and tone up. Maybe you’ll just get a planner and plan stuff, hoping it’ll motivate you to do it.

Maybe you’re not thinking about any of that stuff because it’s barely December.

Well…I get it.

But I hope you conquer whatever goals you have with a sense of humor, and maybe a touch of nostalgia.

You might want to keep these handy products in mind when you need a little fun motivation that’s not too fluffy and cliche.

Take a peek and bookmark this collection for later! There’s even more than what’s shown here! 

And stay tuned! I’ll be rolling out more funny & cute designs for the goal-getters out there! 


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Introvert Life | Differently Social

I just finished “Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking”, and I loved it.

It kinda felt like the story of my life.

So if you’re an introvert, or if you have an introvert in your life you’d like to understand or appreciate better, I highly suggest a read (or listen…it’s on audible).

Anyways, I really dug how the author referred to introverts as “differently social”.

I think it’s a fair way to describe our need for less social interaction without making us seem disconnected and unfriendly.

There are quotes floating out there that proclaim that introverts are “selectively social”.  And that’s fine too. I can agree with that sentiment.

But sometimes it seems a little too…haughty.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring small amounts of social engagement, just as there’s nothing wrong with wanting lots of social engagement.

Neither is better, they’re just different.

Share if you can relate!