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Introvert Life | I Enjoy Long Walks On The Beach

Some people get their best ideas when they’re collaborating with other people. Bouncin’ ideas off of each other.

On occasion that works for me. There are some times when you just need someone else’s input to guide you along or get you thinking in a more innovative way.

But I think I do a lot of my best thinking, and get my best ideas when I just take a walk by myself.

And I couldn’t resist using the long walks on the beach clichè.

It’s actually rarely on the beach, since I live in Wisconsin and we don’t have many beaches suitable for long walks. But a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood does me quite well.

Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than getting a little space for yourself.

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Coffee Keeps Me Going Until It’s Time For Bed At Grandma O’Clock

I love a good adult beverage. But I’ve never actually been one for parties and clubbing and going to bars.

Too much noise, too crowded. I like a place where you can actually have a conversation with the people you’ve gone out with.

Yes, I realize, at the tender age of 31, I sound like an old person.

And something also happens when you become a parent. Uninterrupted sleep becomes something of a luxury. Even as a newborn, my son was not much of a sleeper. If he was not being held, or if he was not attached to my boob, chances are he was crying.

Things are much, much better now. Aside from his typical disinterest in napping, he sleeps through the night like a champ. But from this experience, I have learned to not take my sleep for granted. Getting a good nights rest is awesome. FOR EVERYONE. 

So do I miss the carefree weekends of my childless twenties, where I might go out to a local dive bar with a couple of friends? Yeah, sometimes I do.

BUT tucking myself in at 9:30pm in anticipation for a solid 8-hour rest reaps more benefits for me at this point in my life.

You feelin’ me?

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Coffee Ratios

I like coffee!

I also don’t like clutter. I hate having appliances left out on the countertops. So I use a little french press that I can easily stow away in a cabinet after I’m done brewing.

French press coffee is a little bit more of a process than your average drip or Keurig coffee maker. It takes a bit longer to make, but I like the taste of it much better than any little appliance.

It also takes longer to make when a toddler insists on helping you make it.

My son is ALLLLL about helping out in the kitchen lately. Every morning he says “I wanna help make coffee wif Mama.”

I never use to have a second cup of coffee, but now it’s required drinking. Needless to say, I’m all about the half-caff coffee blend.

I really like our little process we have. While the water heats up, Ivan puts two “excavator scoops” of coffee in the french press. The boy loves construction vehicles, so the idea of being an excavator makes it even more fun!  We also add dashes of spices like cinnamon and clove for a warming, fall-time flavor. Quite often, I have a bad habit of turning my back for a split second and there ends up being a tablespoon of cinnamon with the grounds.

While the coffee steeps, we get the mug ready. This is where I usually end up with really sweet, creamy coffee.

Ivan insists on scooping the sweetener and pouring the cream. I figure the only way for him to get it right is practice, practice, practice! So I get two big scoops of sugar and a ridiculous amount of cream. Every time.

“Mmmmmm it’s good!”  I always tell him, after I take the first sip. He enjoys being a little barista-in-training.

But this whole process made me think, “there are people that like their coffee this way.” Super sweet and creamy. Before McDonalds had fancy-ish coffee drinks,  I remember being behind a woman in the drive-thru who asked to have 4 creams and 8 sugars in her coffee.  Sounds like the ratio of what’s in your average frappucino.

So this design is dedicated to all the people that like a sugar-y, creamer-laden cuppa. I think it’s great that you know exactly how you like your coffee. You ain’t no coffee snob! 

This design is available in your classic 11 oz mug format:


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Introvert Life | Comfortable Silences FOR THE WIN!

Once upon a time, when I worked in retail, I worked with a woman who was the foil extrovert to my introvertedness.

On a weekly basis she commented about how quiet I was.

I honestly tried to avoid her as much as I could. But sometimes there are just some circumstances that you can’t prevent.

Like lunch breaks.

It usually wasn’t a problem being in the break room with someone else on their lunch break. Most times, we’d sit quietly eating our food and plunk around on our phones. Typical millenial stuff.

But when my extrovert rival entered the break room, the possibility for a much needed quiet break to recharge…was over.

She would not STOP TALKING AT ME. Since this was a conversation that we were not sharing  in, I even stopped responding with polite “yep”s and “uh huh”s.

Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed my half-eaten lunch and made an excuse about leaving something in my car.

It was also the middle of winter. So I finished the remaining 12 minutes of my lunch break in my cold car.

Because, ’tis better to have some quiet than none at all.

So cheers to all my former work buds that got it. Just because 2 or more people are together in a room, that doesn’t mean we need to engage in conversation during our fleeting time away from the masses.

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Introvert Life | Let’s Talk About Small Talk

It’s been said that small talk is “conversation for the sake of conversation”.

Light and casual conversation 

A polite way to connect with a stranger 

However you want to describe it, I am not a fan.

I liken small talk to a plain rice cake. Bland, uninteresting, and not necessarily good for you anyways.

You are left feeling even more deprived than before, slightly irritated, and maybe a bit….dumb.

After 10+ years of working in retail, I’ve had enough small talk to fill the rest of my lifetime. See, retail culture expects you to have light, pointless exchanges with customers so you can appear more caring, attentive and welcoming. Ughhhhh….

You might be an introvert if: You work in retail and you’re always thinking “why can’t people just buy their shit and gooooooooo?”


I wish I could’ve worn a button saying “Unless there’s something major coming this way, we really don’t need to talk about the weather.” 

And as I’m writing this, I’m thinking, “Gawwwd, I must sound so bitchy and anti-social. I must seem soooooo closed off. This is why quiet people get wrongly stereotyped as being mean or sad or stuck-up.”

But maybe what I wish people would understand about introverts like me is that we only have so much social energy.

Expending it on aimless chit chat is actually exhausting. I personally would rather spend it on talking about things that are –oh gosh– dare I say… a little more meaningful to each person in the conversation.

So in conclusion, I am super stoked that I don’t work in retail anymore. Also, love your quiet people for who they are, and be cool with them needing to have some space to recharge so they can have amazing conversations with you.

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There’s A Chance This Is Ranch

I have a toddler who’s almost 3 years old.

Like many parents of young children, I often lament that my kid is a picky eater. We really have to WORK to get him to eat his fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes I think…”Damn kid, remember when you were 6 months old and sweet potatoes were just THE SHIT?” Now he won’t even eat them in french fry form.

I guess toddlers think they should get to have opinions on the stuff they put in their body. Mega eye roll.

And I suppose the worst thing you can do about a picky eater is just give up and let them eat the same 4 foods every day.

So sometimes we bribe.

“If you want a chip, you gotta eat your peas.”

But a lot of times, we give him “dippy sauce”.

Ketchup, hummus, Italian dressing, Caesar dressing — he’ll dip to his heart’s content.

But he really loves ranch dressing. Like, he would just eat it by the spoonful if he could.

Which got me thinking. He’s not alone in his ranch love.

Sure, Sriracha’s got all the attention right now, but ranch dressing will always be an American standby. A condiment classic. People eat that shit right up.

And since mugs are one of my favorite products to design for, I’m always checking out what kind of fun & trendy stuff is out there. A really popular theme I’ve seen is day drinking. There’s a lot of “This Might Be Wine“, “Day Drinking From a Mug to Keep Things Professional”  and “There’s A Chance This is Rum/Vodka/Whiskey“…basically insert whatever libation you love.

I thought it would be awesome/funny-in-a-gross-kind-of-way to do a variation on this theme. The last phrase really appealed to me because of the close-rhyme of chance and ranch.

And so this design was born. Can you just imagine a coffee mug FULL of ranch dressing?

She’s available in the classic mug styles:

And ringer mug styles:

If you or anyone you love suffers from a ranch dressing obsession, shop these mugs today! 

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Friday Funnies | Realistically Speaking …

As a consummate introvert, I am prone to being in my head quite a bit.

When I have a goal, I’m not like “okay, I’m gonna do this!”

It’s more like… “okay – I have to figure out how to do this, step-by-step, study up on how other people get it done, get everything organized, so I can start getting to my goal.”

And then I get overwhelmed and it’s not an exciting or enjoyable goal anymore.

I’ve gotten better at not doing this, but thusly — here is a common story of my life:

So carpe that fucking diem! When you’re ready…of course.

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I Don’t Want To Go On An Adventure

For those of us that would just rather stay in…

For those of us that cringe at the idea of camping…

For those of us that give the thumbs down to traveling abroad…

For those of us whose idea of an adventure includes a good book and a cup of tea…

I give you, I Don’t Want To Go On An Adventure

In all honesty, I am one for an adventure. So long as it’s not suddenly sprung on me, doesn’t involve interacting with lots of strangers, long periods of waiting, heights, sleeping outdoors, creepy crawly bugs, very hot weather, or very cold weather.

This design was actually inspired by my 2.5 year old son. He is a little introvert with a very good vocabulary. A few weeks back, I was trying to do some work, encouraging Daddy to get Ivan outta my hair.  

Daddy says to Ivan, “Hey Dude, let’s go on an adventure!”

Ivan says to Daddy, “I not want to go on an adventure. I want to stay hOohme.” (he pronounces “home” as though it has two syllables.)


So this little exchange inspired my current design. There are so many trending designs out there about the mountains calling….well what if I don’t want to answer? What about the people that are like…how about not?  So I decided to go with a parody on vintage camp shirts.


Mountains are great and all, but it takes a lot of planning to do mountain-y stuff. And it might be cold. And what if you get lost and have to talk to someone to get directions. I won’t judge you if you just want to stay home and play legos.  

Check out the whole collection, available in 4 different color combos in my shop!