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Introvert Life | Love You But…

It’s gonna be V-Day soon. 

Love abounds.  

Inspired by my experience as a work-from-home mom, I created the following quote:

It’s a great Valentine for your kids. Or maybe if you have an extroverted significant other.

It’s like saying… I love you enough to know that sometimes I need to be away from you. And that’s about me, so don’t take it personally. 

Happy Valentines Day! 

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Introvert Life | Lamenting Group Projects

Were you one of those kids that would cringe when your teacher would say:

“Okay class, it’s time to get in your assigned groups!”

More often than not, I was.

I was usually the kid that put in the extra work outside of school because I didn’t want a shit grade. I also put in that extra work outside school because I was too shy/overwhelmed by the energy of the group to voice my ideas. True story.

Ya feelin’ me? Share if you can relate!


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Introvert Life | I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends

If there ever was a classic line among reality TV participants, this is certainly it.

Imagine a reality TV show just full of introverts that are just trying to escape the attention of the reality TV show.

Ewwwwwww so cringe-worthy.

Now, my crystal ball tells me that you’re probably not going to be on such a program anytime soon.

But if you have to go to some sort of obligatory social event, this sentiment is still quite relevant.

Share if you can relate! 

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Introvert Life | I Hustle Differently…

There’s a hell of a lot of quotes about hustle out there. 

They’ve never quite jived with me.

So many of them seem in-your-face and overly aggressive.

If “hustle”, at it’s basic level, just means working hard to get what you want out of your life, then certainly you’ve gotta have focus.

I personally focus best when it’s quiet.

I’m very observant. I’m not one to take action quickly.

I take in information and then I make calculated decisions.

Like a jungle cat.

You feel the same way? Share if you can relate! 

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Introvert Life | It’s Been A Long Day

After the wrapping paper and boxes are cleaned up, after the last serving of pumpkin pie, after the hugs good bye to family and friends alike, I hope that you are left feeling joyfully satisfied.

For me, however, I get a bit of an “introvert hangover”. I love the holidays,  but after awhile, I’m kind of feeling like…okay, I need a break. I’ve had a bit too much of social interaction, and now I’m tired, getting a headache and consequently getting crabby and even quieter than I usually am. So this quote pretty much explains how I feel:

What about you? Do you get “introvert hangovers”?

Share if you can relate! 

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Get High On Achievement

Part deux of the collection inspired by the scratch and sniff stickers of my childhood. 

Like those cheesy after-school specials, let the retro charm of this design motivate you to “just say NO!” to stuff that prevents you from going for your aspirations.

Shop this collection in my Zazzle shop and kick 2018 in the butt!

And keep watching for more quasi-motivational designs from me!