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Introvert Life | Quiet Time is the Best Time

Nearly every morning, I get up ridiculously early.

As a work-from-home mama to a toddler, having a few peaceful hours where I can just sip my coffee and work uninterrupted is…pretty awesome.

It’s still dark outside, BUT, it’s probably my one of my favorite times of the day.

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Hustlin’ | For The Goal Getters

I’m starting a new series in preparation for the New Year.

Like the snowman design, it’s inspired by the scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood.

This one’s for all the goal-getters out there.

If it had a smell it would smell like…cotton candy. 

With 2018 about a month away, you might be thinking about the shit you wanna change with your life.

Maybe you want to finally quit your soul-sucking job. Maybe you want to join a gym and tone up. Maybe you’ll just get a planner and plan stuff, hoping it’ll motivate you to do it.

Maybe you’re not thinking about any of that stuff because it’s barely December.

Well…I get it.

But I hope you conquer whatever goals you have with a sense of humor, and maybe a touch of nostalgia.

You might want to keep these handy products in mind when you need a little fun motivation that’s not too fluffy and cliche.

Take a peek and bookmark this collection for later! There’s even more than what’s shown here! 

And stay tuned! I’ll be rolling out more funny & cute designs for the goal-getters out there! 


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Introvert Life | Differently Social

I just finished “Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking”, and I loved it.

It kinda felt like the story of my life.

So if you’re an introvert, or if you have an introvert in your life you’d like to understand or appreciate better, I highly suggest a read (or listen…it’s on audible).

Anyways, I really dug how the author referred to introverts as “differently social”.

I think it’s a fair way to describe our need for less social interaction without making us seem disconnected and unfriendly.

There are quotes floating out there that proclaim that introverts are “selectively social”.  And that’s fine too. I can agree with that sentiment.

But sometimes it seems a little too…haughty.

There’s nothing wrong with preferring small amounts of social engagement, just as there’s nothing wrong with wanting lots of social engagement.

Neither is better, they’re just different.

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It’s Too Damn Cold

I’ve pretty much finished up with my holiday designs, but I felt the need to put this one out there on a whim.

I felt like I might be honing down on a different style.

A style inspired by…the scratch and sniff stickers of my childhood. 

So I thought: what if the scratch and sniff stickers from my childhood grew up with me?

Well, they would still have that charmingly retro 80s/90s illustration style, but the sentiments would be much more applicable to adult life.

So if this one was scented, it would probably smell like marshmallows.

Or whiskey.

Or whiskey-infused marshmallows!!!!

I know it’s a bit different than what I usually do, but it’s been a lot of fun thinking up these “stickers for grown-ups”. I’m planning to release more for all the goal-getters in the New Year.

Until then, this cute design is available in my shop on a some great products:

Shop this collection for the grinch in your life! 

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Introvert Life | I’m Very Friendly

Today’s quote is inspired by…nature walks!

And being quiet on nature walks.

I really like the combination. You just get to be very observant.

I’m like an expert animal spotter because I’ve got a lot of experience just walking around and not talking.

I’m like,

What’s that rustle in the grass? Oh! It’s a snake! Whaddup snake?! 

What’s that movement beyond the trees! It’s a deer! Hi deer! 

And of course I’m a dork and I have to say hello to these wild animals. As if they care.

Maybe I say hello because I know they don’t care. Which means, they are not judging you. And also because I think they are really cool.

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Introvert Life | I’m Actually Very Funny

Inspired by… the double lives that many introverts feel they live.

At work or school they are quiet, loathe group projects, don’t seem to care much for social interaction, and might even seem a little…strange.

But when they are around a group of trusted people, sending something out to their online tribe, or simply just writing, they are gregarious, clever and witty.

Maybe it’s super-bold to say I am clever and witty, but I am in this camp.

I think a lot of people misunderstand this.

We’ve been told: “You just lack confidence“, or we are encouraged to interject often with “something interesting to say“.

Enter feelings of inadequacy. Oh! And here comes her friend, saying something weird because you were still observing and processing the situation, but felt pressured to engage before you were ready.

She’s a B. 

So my dear fellow weirdoes, fear not. There are people out there that get you. We’ve been there before, and we’ll probably go there again.

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Introvert Life | Super Duper Party Pooper

Today’s funny was inspired by…just my life. Ha.

I thought about writing “my life before motherhood”, but that’s just not accurate.

Parties are alright.

I actually can go to them without crumbling into a lump of anxious energy. But depending on the circumstances (do I know these people?!), my mental energy taps out after 1 – 2 hours.

So I usually have to make an excuse for the inevitable, “You’re leaving already?” and make an exit.

It’s nothing personal. I just need to recharge my social batteries.

The science is not exact, but that will take 3 hours for every hour spent socializing. Maybe 4 or 5. Maybe I need a whole day sans socialization.

Ok, there is no science.

I’m just gonna go to my cocoon, now. See you guys later.

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Holiday Collection 2017

I’ve got some brilliant new designs for 2017 to make your holidays happier, sassier, and trashier!

This one’s for the gal that loves Christmas a ridiculous amount, but not in a PG, super-religious way. She likes all those hallmark channel movies because they are so bad they are good. And of course, she’s got a naughty sense of humor.  Gift yourself a ringer mug, and how about an ornament for your best friend’s tree?  You can personalize it with her name!  …Shop the entire collection here…

Next, we’ve got the flip side of the Christmas-lovin’ sentiment. Because some people are a bit grinchy about the season. At least, until they get their coffee. Then it’s all good in the holiday ‘hood.  It features a pleasant retro lady insisting through saccharin sweetness that there ain’t gonna be no gahdamn joy until she gets her caffeine. I hear you, sister. …Shop this design and all it’s wondrous products here…

And finally, I’ve got a design that really speaks to the fast-moving times we live in. Tis the age of online shopping, dears. Barely a soul wants to brave the mall anymore. With the holiday season upon us, show your delivery people some love with a humorous doormat. Or, honor your love for online shopping while you cuddle a throw pillow.…Shop the collection here…

To view all these products, as well fantastic gifts for your loved ones that possess a sense of humor, check out what else is in the store! 

Have an awesome holiday season! 

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Adventure Is Out There BUT…

Although it speaks to the indoorsy types, this design was actually inspired by my running season being over. During the Spring and Summer, I would happily run 25-35 miles a week outdoors. But up until about 2 weeks ago, the pleasantly mild weather changed to dreary and f’ing cold. And I hate it.

I like being outdoors, but the prospect of being cold is enough for me to just say “Ahhh fuck it….”

I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life, so this weather is no big shock. I know I should just bundle up and get used to it.  But that means I have to go shopping for proper attire not only for me, but also for my toddler that will inevitably be outside with me.

I don’t really like to go clothes shopping so….that seems really hard.

I think we’ll stay in instead.

We’ll just cuddle and be cozy.

This design is available in a handful of rustic, outdoorsy-inspired color palettes, so you can jump on that rustic, outdoorsy trend, but still stay genuine to your true indoorsy nature. From mugs to magnets, there’s something to playfully express your desire to just stay in

Shop the entire collection here!